Capturing, assessing, investigating, and analyzing digital evidence requires specialized knowledge, skills and abilities – making digital forensics an art, as much as it is a science. Computers, mobile phones and other data storage devices can hold a wealth of electronically stored information that, in order to discover, requires a level of expertise above and beyond that of most end-users or Information Technology personnel.

Sensei Enterprises, Inc. provides digital forensics services to clients nationwide. Our digital forensics experts have been vetted in state, federal and military courts, and have provided expert testimony in civil, criminal and military law matters. The principals of the firm are nationally recognized experts on electronic evidence, and travel the country educating law firms and corporations.

If data is still present, even in a fragmented form, there is no limit to what Sensei’s digital forensics experts can find. Whether we are asked to recover electronic communications, authenticate an electronic document, determine computer activity or usage patterns, or identify what happened to specific information on a computer system, computer forensic examinations can shed light on a multitude of internal, civil, or criminal matters.

Our digital forensics services include:

  • In-lab, onsite and remote data collection and preservation capabilities
  • Forensic investigation and analysis of various computer and data storage devices
  • Mobile phone forensics – including the recovery of deleted text messages
  • E-mail identification, processing, extraction, and production – including the ability to recover deleted e-mail messages
  • Data processing and culling – including de-NISTing, duplication and near de-dup
  • Expert Witness testimony
  • Digital forensic consulting and recommendations – including early case assessment and search methodology advice
  • Data recovery from failed or failing hard-disk drives and other data storage devices